Bars and Restaurants

times-square-restaurants-300x200There are numerous restaurants and lounges throughout the island serving a complete range of foods from finger foods to gourmet. Barefoot bars to tie and jacket establishments abound.  Here are a few suggestions for great places to eat, that are only a short walk or trolley ride from your Fort Myers Beach vacation rental.

Times Square Restaurants 

Located close to the northern end of the beach is Fort Myers Beach Times Square! This is at the heart of Estero Island’s downtown. Times Square is full of shops, restaurants, and entertainment.  It features outdoor dining, street performers, live music, and plenty of spots to sit down and relax.  Times Square is also adjacent to the Fort Myers Beach Pier, which is considered by many as the best place to watch breathtaking sunsets every night!


Northern End of the Island 

Just down the street from Times Square, in either direction, you’ll find even more wonderful dining options on the beach.  On the road just east of Times Square, you’ll find a sushi restaurant,  a popular oyster bar, a restaurant overlooking the bay and marina, and several other eateries with a casual, beach atmosphere.   Travel just south of Times Square to find beachside bars and restaurants with a variety of food, cocktails, and live music.


Southern End of the Island

On the southern end of the island, you’ll find even more restaurant options.  As you travel south along Estero Island Blvd, you’ll find everything from upscale dining and waterfront restaurants, to more casual dining and tiki bars.  The Santini Marina plaza also has an array of shops and restaurants for your enjoyment.


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